Where Radiance
is Unleashed


Founded in 2001 by Arto and Saro Artinian, the Maison’s enduring dedication 
to transparency in craftsmanship is upheld by its in-house artisans, 
who meticulously source, select, cut, and craft each creation.

Arto Artinian and Saro Artinian
Design isn't solely about aesthetics; it's about evoking emotion and storytelling through craftsmanship. Every creation in our collection is a testament to this philosophy, merging tradition with innovation to craft timeless elegance.
At SARTORO, we endeavour to encapsulate the essence of individuality within each design. Our creative process embodies a discourse between artistry and innovation, where every curve and contour narrates a tale of passion and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.
SARTORO's heritage extends three generations deep into our family legacy. This familial bond guarantees a bedrock of trust, upholding tradition, and delivering craftsmanship with a profound commitment to ethical responsibility.
Our exceptional quality shines through in the enduring brilliance of SARTORO styles. From the expert curation of each stone to the meticulous polishing of even the tiniest facets, we devote scrupulous attention to every detail throughout the process, resulting in an unparalleled radiance found nowhere else.
Various diamond cuts including pear, oval, emerald, and round displayed on a dark background.
Placing a blue sapphire gemstone in a diamond-studded tiara using tweezers.
Hand sketching a jewelry design featuring sapphire and diamond earrings on a dark surface.
A close-up image of a stunning ring from Sartoro Genève, featuring a large, pear-shaped yellow diamond as the centerpiece. The exquisite yellow diamond is surrounded by a swirl of smaller white diamonds set in a sleek white gold band, creating a striking contrast and an opulent appearance. The meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious design of the ring exemplify Sartoro Genève's commitment to high-end jewelry. The white background highlights the brilliance and vibrant color of the yellow diamond, making the ring the focal point of the image.

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A striking image of a model wearing earrings from Sartoro Genève's Alba collection. The model, with her blonde hair slicked back and a serene expression, showcases the earrings which feature an intricate, sunburst design adorned with sparkling diamonds. The jewelry exudes a sense of radiance and elegance, perfectly complementing the model's natural beauty. The warm, sunset-like background enhances the golden tones of her skin and the brilliance of the earrings, embodying the luxurious and refined aesthetic of the Alba collection.


A serene image of a model adorned with jewelry from Sartoro Genève's Ondes collection. The model is wearing a pair of elegant earrings, a delicate necklace, and several rings, all featuring intricate, wave-like designs adorned with diamonds. The jewelry pieces are crafted in a harmonious blend of rose gold and white gold, exuding a sense of fluidity and grace. The model's soft, pinned-back hair and light beige top complement the sophisticated and refined style of the Ondes collection, set against a gentle gradient background.


The image features a model adorned with jewelry from the Sartoro Genève Happy collection. The model wears multiple ear cuffs, each designed with intricate patterns of marquise and round-cut diamonds, creating a playful and luxurious look. The choker necklace is a standout piece, consisting of multiple layers of diamond-studded bands that wrap elegantly around the neck, showcasing a mix of round and pear-shaped diamonds. The combination of white gold and sparkling diamonds adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, reflecting the joyful and exquisite nature of the Happy collection.


A profile view of a model showcasing elegant jewelry from Sartoro Genève's Dualité collection. The model is wearing a pair of sophisticated gold hoop earrings with a unique, intertwined design, adorned with sparkling diamonds. Additionally, she is seen with a matching bracelet that features a sleek gold band embellished with intricate diamond details. The model's short, dark hair and black attire provide a striking contrast, highlighting the luxurious and refined elements of the Dualité collection. The overall look exudes sophistication and modern elegance.